RDI at Work

Food & Beverage

Companies require transparency to comply with increasingly stringent government regulations and security to prevent product tampering and theft. Meeting both of these goals throughout the Food & Beverage supply chain is key to assuring Chain of Custody compliance requirements and insure quality in everything you deliver to your customers. RDI’s unique software solutions and API’s offer an easy and efficient way to accomplish this and allows you to protect your brand and your bottom line.


Contractors, visitors, and drivers are entering your facilities. Existing equipment needs to be maintained and modernized. New construction is required for business expansion and growth. Rugged environments render typical solutions inadequate. These are just some of the challenges a Director of Security faces in today’s world and requires a suite of software using the best ruggedized tablets and network infrastructure to protect your employees and your physical assets and streamline your compliance processes.


Copper, silver, aluminum and gold are precious commodities with a high value that make a tempting target for thieves. That makes it necessary to verify, validate and document every driver and carrier that arrives at your facility, to ensure that your cargo is delivered to the appropriate destination and to protect your assets and your bottom line.


Seasonal work forces and high value commodities require a fast and easy way to document and record every temporary employee and visitor who enters your facility. A kiosk or self-operated tablet-based system doesn’t provide the speed or security necessary. RDI’s combination of easy to use desktop and tablet applications and webservices validations provide the speed, networking and accuracy necessary for this unique environment.

To see how RDI can help facilitate and simplify your Compliance and Security solutions, contact us to talk to a solutions specialist or to schedule a demo.