Securing Your Supply Chain

Properly identify drivers picking up cargo:

Validating and registering drivers and carriers that arrive at your facilities to pick up cargo is essential to maintaining security across your facilities. RDI’s suite of front end desktop and tablet applications and webservices validations automates your driver and carrier validation and registration process. Images and data are maintained in secure cloud-based servers, and ruggedized hardware ensures maximum reliability.

Create accurate records linking drivers to cargo:

When a theft occurs, being able to quickly access all the records relating to a pickup is essential to quick recovery and minimizing any potential losses. The potential savings aren’t limited to just the value of the cargo. Lost sales, brand dilution, insurance claims, product recalls and potential consumer backlash mean the actual losses can be multiple times the value of the cargo lost. RDI’s easy to use reporting function accesses your images and data over secure VPN connections, allowing for fast retrieval of all records relating to a specific incident.

Establish protocol and follow it at every transaction:

A major problem for Security Directors is establishing standardized protocols at all facilities. Too often facility managers come up with their own solutions when a standardized solution isn’t made available from top management. RDI’s suite of easy to use front end software applications combined with cloud-based verification and validation software and data servers means every facility can easily follow the same protocol, and security managers can access all data from a centralized data sever.

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